Presentation System

Having designed and installed over 250 classroom and corporate presentation systems, Keystone has refined the presentation experience.  We design for simplicity, consistency, and reliability.  These ideals inherently result in lower project cost, fewer support resources, and a more productive classroom environment.  Teachers should be allowed to focus on teaching and enjoy a simple technology experience without the distractions of equipment failure or complex user interfaces.

Meeting Space Systems

Audio / Visual systems in large format meeting spaces such as hotels, convention centers, ballrooms, and casinos must be carefully designed and integrated to maintain a balance of reliability, flexibility, simplicity, and return on investment.  Keystone has demonstrated a talent for understanding the needs of meeting space managers and delivering high quality audio/visual systems tailored both to the venue’s clientele and business model.   From 4,000 to 400,000 square feet, we have successfully integrated high quality audio reinforcement and video display capabilities in facilities from Las Vegas to Orlando and dozens in between.

Special Purpose Audio/Visual

We are often challenged to design and integrate a system that falls outside the boundaries of a ‘traditional’ A/V system.  These projects are very rewarding both for us and the client because together we create something new and exciting.  It’s solving a problem by assembling technology in a way that’s unique and creative.    Examples include shopper study / focus group recording, interactive museum exhibits, video wall arrays and video mosaics, acoustic treatments, distance learning rooms, and classroom lecture capture systems.

Digital Signage

No longer simply a TV on the wall, a successful Digital Signage network requires careful planning and execution, and content is king!  For over four years our sister company DirecNet ( has owned and operated our region’s largest digital advertising network.  We are able to share the experience and knowledge we’ve gained by operating that network with our design and integration clients, helping them choose the hardware, mounting solutions, management software, and network connectivity methods that are most appropriate and cost effective for their application.

Video Wall Systems

The video wall systems designed and installed by Keystone Digital range from your typical side by side display to state of the art displays. With the advancement of technology, video walls can be designed specifically for the customer, allowing for a truly custom video wall that will draw eyes and ears towards the business, storeforont, or university. 3D video walls that interact with passers by can offer an even more unique experience for your business or university while still displaying your company’s logo, information, and advertisements.