“The Greene County Public Safety Center: is a twenty million dollar state of the art facility, home to the Greene County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the Springfield 911 dispatch center.    Through careful planning and execution of the control system, Keystone Digital was able to integrate a highly complex network of A/V sources and displays into a user friendly platform that performs reliably during both daily training operations and during stressful disaster response scenarios. A Magenta Research Voyager Matrix is the backbone of the system and delivers perfectly scaled video from any of 160 sources to 160 displays over high bandwidth fiber.” Sound and Communication Magazine

Photo Credit:

  • Sound and Communication Magazine

Technology Equipment: 


  • Master Control Stations: Aiphone AX-8MV
  • Intercom: Aiphone AX-084C
  • Door Stations: Aiphone AX-DVF
  • Gate Control: Aiphone IE-SSV


  • Avigilon Surveillance System


  • Cisco C50-2084 8 POE with Custom Firmware
  • Cisco C50-2242 24 Port w/12 POE with Custom Firmware

Touch Panels:

  • Crestron 4″TP
  • Crestron Wireless Touch Screen TPMC-8X
  • Crestron V15 15″
  • Crestron TPMC-9-B-T 9″ Tilt Screens
  • Crestron TPMC-V15-TILT-B


  • Draper Cineplex with System 200 frame
  • Draper Ultra Access 133HD w/LVC
  • Stewart Filmscreen AeroView Rear Projecion Screen


  • LCD Monitors: NEC 20″,24″,42″,55″
  • Public Displays: NEC V462


  • NEC: NP-500U-13ZL with Standard Lens
  • NEC: NP-PA500U-11ZL with Short Throw Lens
  • Projection Design F82 1080P 3CHIP DLP

Technology Equipment Continued: 


  • Tannoy: CVS6 Ceiling Speakers
  • Tannoy: DVS8T Wall Mount Speakers
  • SoundTube CM62-EZS-WH In-Ceiling
  • Paging Speakers: Atlas APX40TN

Tv  Tuners:

  • Contemporary Research 232-ATSC
  • Contemporary Research RK2-HD+

Audio Network:

  • Extron MAVplus2424A Matrix Switcher
  • Extron MLS-100A Audio Switcher
  • Extron MVC-121 Audio Mixer
  • Extron XPA-2044 200W channel Amp
  • Extron DA-6A Distribution Amp

Video Network:

  • Magenta VGA Tranmitter
  • Magenta VGA Receivers
  • Magenta MultiView 9D DA
  • Magenta Voyager VG-Matrix 160x
  • Magenta Voyager Matrix I/O 8x Fiber

Back Boxes:

  • Wall Boxes: FSR PWB-100-WHT
  • Floor Boxes: Hubbell AFB501BK

Equipment Racks:

  • Middle Atlantic MRK-4426-AV 44RU

 Custom User Plates:

  • RapcoHorizon Custom Order